Positive Change

A personal story of life and leadership lessons from corporate burn out.

POSITIVE CHANGE – Life and Leadership Lessons from Corporate Burnout has been published as part of Volume 2 of the HerStory Series. I share this privilege with 8 incredible women from across the globe, who also share their stories of courage and change.
Positive Change Book by Dianne McCabe

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Once we are through the worst of a situation, we have the opportunity to pause and reflect on what we could have done differently.

As a Corporate Organisational Change Coach and Facilitator I am well accustomed to facilitating “lessons learned” sessions on complex global transformation programs. My experience of mental illness and corporate burnout compelled me to draw some Life and Leadership Lessons that would assist others that may be going through similar challenges.

This was a very personal post-mortem as I asked myself the question:

“How can we future-proof ourselves, to adapt to change at pace, without sacrificing our mental health”

This is not an inspirational story… it is a rallying call, asking you to take responsibility for your mental wellbeing.

Inside this book, alongside my own personal journey from corporate burnout to breakthrough and balance, I share the following techniques to increase capability and sustainably initiate change without impacting mental health and wellbeing.

The Reasonability Test

A practical way to help bring awareness and attention to things that need to change.

Courageous Conversations

Silence adds fuel to the burnout fire. The time comes when we need to have courageous conversations to drive positive change.

Positive Inputs

Audit and adjust what you allow into your life, everything from relationships, what you read and what you watch to the food and drink you consume.

Work, Life & Self Balance

A step by step process to plan and prioritise time for resilience building.

Dianne McCabe Change Resilience Coach
About the Author

Dianne McCabe is a change and resilience coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker. She works with global corporate leaders, teams and organisations, who want to sustainably drive change, without sacrificing mental wellbeing.

Dianne is a former corporate leader, with a 20 year career in technology and organisational change. She is also the recipient of the Global Best Practices Award by software giant SAP, for a complex change, training and communications program designed and implemented for an iconic international food company.

Dianne’s lived experience of mental illness and corporate burnout, have sparked her passion for improving mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Accreditations in Prosci change management, life coaching and mental health first aid, have given her a deep understanding of what is needed to help people and organisations adapt to change in a sustainable way through building desire and capability to move forward, in any situation.

Positive Change

Life and leadership lessons from corporate burn out.