If you want to adapt to continuous waves of fast-paced change, without sacrificing mental health, you're in the right place.

…some leaders are seeking to future-proof themselves, their teams or organisation, by building change and resilience capability so they can better adapt to the constant waves of disruption.

…some are required to to lead their team or organisation through change, but may not have the skills or resources needed to ensure a successful outcome.

…others are corporate leaders or professionals who want to initiate their own personal or professional change, but are not sure where to start.

No matter what reason brought you here, If you want to drive sustainable change, let me help you move forward.

A little bit about me...

I am Dianne Driscoll, a change and resilience coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker. I work with corporate leaders, teams & organisations across the globe, to sustainably drive change, without sacrificing mental wellbeing.

As a former corporate leader, with a career spanning over 25 years in technology and organisational change, I totally get the challenges (and stress!) associated with trying to do MORE with LESS…less time, less budget, less resources. 

I am an accredited Prosci® / ADKAR change practitioner, life coach, mental health first aider and  am the recipient of the Global Best Practices Award by software giant SAP. I have managed large global teams, business transformation programs, data centre relocations, first-wave Sarbanes-Oxley compliance programs, technology implementation and integrations including one of the first Microsoft Office365 implementations in Australia. 

Through much of my career my leaders, colleagues and team-members did not know that I was living with  with long-term mental illness and ultimately suffered corporate burnout. These events had a significant impact on my life and career, as it activated a drive for improving mental wellbeing in the workplace. 

Since 2016 I have distilled my professional expertise and my personal learnings into a unique services focused on helping people mobilise people through change, without sacrificing their mental health. In recent times I have had the privilege to work with many organisations including Microsoft, IBM, Ernst & Young, Campbell Soup Company & Arnott’s Biscuits, I am also a trusted coach and facilitator for Speakers Institute and incredibleresults.

I am passionate about supporting people through change and pride myself on being able to activate individuals, teams, organisations and conference audiences with my dynamic delivery, interactive style and actionable insights. I often describe myself as being “tough love” on one hand and “pom-pom cheerleader” on the other.

For the CxO’s who are concerned that this is all sounding a bit fluffy; investing in change, resilience and leadership capability, not only demonstrates that you care for your people, it also ensures that you build SUSTAINABLE ADAPTABILITY, which is the ultimate competitive advantage in any industry.

~ Dianne


Ambisie Storyteller of the Year Award

the happy path is my business name. It is also my philosophy for life and the foundation for the professional services I offer as a change and resilience coach, consultant, facilitator & speaker.

the happy path began in the aftermath of a mental health breakdown in 2016, brought about by long-term mental illness and corporate burnout. 

I combined my deeply personal experience with my professional expertise in change management & leadership to create the COURSE CORRECTION COMPASS.

At its core the happy path philosophy is about building desire and capability to move forward, in any situation.

Little did I know that my happy path and COURSE CORRECTION COMPASS would become the basis for my business and fuel my mission to:

“Build CHANGE and RESILIENCE capability to enable personal, professional and organisational GROWTH

Personal Change, Resilience & Growth

It is important for me to share some of my personal CHANGE, RESILIENCE & GROWTH story. 

This is an interview with psychotherapist Annie Looby on my experience with The Hoffman Process, a 7-day residential program for transformational personal development.

Career Change, Resilience & Growth

I have had a wide and varied career path, starting out as a butcher’s apprentice at age 13 to running my own business in my 40’s. I have always been open to opportunities (change) and course-corrected my career path many times.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi